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DOCTOR WHO movie T-SHIRT - Magpie Electricals

Doctor Who - Magpie Electricals

In October 1963, The Doctor, (in his original incarnation), visited Magpie Electricals and attempted to buy components to repair his damaged TARDIS (Hunters of Earth).

Many years later, in his tenth incarnation, and 10 years earlier in 1953, (this time travel business can get very tricky), The Doctor faced the Wire who was forcing Mr Magpie to sell TV sets cheaply so that she could "take people's essences" and get a physical body (The Idiot's Lantern). Although Magpie himself was killed by the Wire, Magpie Electricals survived the loss of its proprietor and continued to prosper.

In 2007 the Magpie Electricals website briefly appeared on a mobile phone being flicked through by The Doctor (The Runaway Bride).

In the following year Martha Jones' Magpie brand television was booby trapped by The Master (The Sound of Drums), while in the Christmas of that year Wilfred Mott was watching a portable Magpie branded television set as he sold newspapers on the streets of London on Christmas Eve (Voyage of the Damned).

River Song's scanner was manufactured by Magpie Electricals (Day of the Moon) and, in the reconstructed TARDIS Console Room (The Eleventh Hour) the monitor, typewriter, keyboard and a miscellaneous control by the mustard dispenser all had Magpie Electricals brands on them, as did a power control device labelled Type V 310-A (Vincent and the Doctor).

In 1138 the Twelfth Doctor, while standing on a tank in a medieval castle (The Magician's Apprentice) and later while on the TARDIS (Before the Flood) played his electric guitar through a Magpie Electronics amplifier.

A Magpie Electricals shop window featured TV sets carrying The Doctors broadcast for The Monks (The Lie of The Land) in 2017

Sarah Jane Smith had a Magpie Electricals branded computer (The Mark of the Berserker), Torchwood owned an old Magpie television (The Undertaker's Gift) and Magpie Electricals was still a household name in the 33rd Century where it's continued presence was still to be seen in evidence aboard the Starship UK (The Beast Below).

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