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Classic T-Shirt, White, Natural, Ash Grey - Ladies V-Neck V-Neck

The Creature From the Black Lagoon

Ok, so maybe it is a little hard to get past that it's just a guy in a rubber suit camping it up underwater - but the creature swiming beneath an unsuspecting diver proved the inspiration for the opening sequence of Spielberg's Jaws

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Shirt Sizes

Measurements are armpit to armpit across the chest.
T-Shirt Size Chart

The absolute best way to measure your shirt is to dig out your favourite most comfortable T-Shirt ever, lay it flat on a table, and measure armpit to armpit. That way you get the most comfortable fit for you.


Made To Order: Because all of our T-Shirts are Custom Printed To Order, (we don't hold any pre-printed Tees), we can't offer an exchange/replacement if you order an incorrect Style/Size/Colour, (EU distance selling exception for Made To Order Goods). Different T-Shirt brands, (we use Gildan), have wildly differing labelling standards so its really important to make your own measurements.

So Please Do take a measurement of a T-Shirt that fits you, (armpit to armpit), and compare to our sizing chart, before placing your order.

But Hey - mistakes happen, and we really want you to be chuffed as punch with your purchase so… If, in spite of all precautions, you do make an incorrect sizing choice - we’ll meet you part way.
We’ll ask you to contribute £5.00 towards our Production Costs, plus the Cost of Shipping, and we’ll also get you to destroy the Original Shirt and provide photographic evidence, (this saves you the return postage)...
and we’ll send you a replacement...
just this once mind! :)

Heaven forbid but if we make a right pigs ear of your order please get in touch with us straight away, and we’ll arrange for a replacement along with a grovelling apology.

Afterwards the drone responsible for the error will have their diodes removed and their conducters short-circuited (again!).

You don’t mess with the Carrot.

Postage / Shipping
Europe: £3.00 (per 1-2 shirts)
USA / World: £5.00 (per 1-2 shirts)

Dispatch Time:
Because your shirt will be printed to order we ask for a 5 day working window before dispatch. We aim to be a lot quicker, (usually the next working day), but this gives us a bit of leaway if things don’t go quite to plan.


We can remove, tweak or replace text, add personalisation, change the size and position of images... print one of your own designs, or help design t-shirts for an event... Stag/Hen Nights, Fun Runs etc.

Here are some 'off-the-peg' ideas to get the ball rolling...

Custom T-Shirt breast pocket

To ask about customising your shirt just email us at

The Print
Printing: is done by Thermal Press.
The print does not have a raised plasticky texture, the inks are embedded into the fabric of the T-Shirt.

Our shirt prints measure upto 27cmx19cm (approx), depending on the design proportions and the garments printable area.

All of our shirts are Custom Printed To Order.
We don't stock pre-printed shirts.

100% Unofficial
All our designs are created in-house
It should not be assumed that they are approved or authorised by any Third Parties.
If you are looking for Officially Licenced Products, please look at alternative sites - there aren’t any here!

LazyCarrot is based in the UK and is wholly and exclusively subject to UK Law and International Law as interpreted by the UK Courts, in respect of which all designs are here presented in good faith.

We understand that queries can arise and we will always reach out to resolve any issues. As such it is our policy to follow the terms of the DMCA, (Digital Millenium Copyright Act), and to respond to any such enquiry promptly and appropriately.

In respect of which please contact us with any concerns at for our immediate attention.